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Saint Fans
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Simon Templar, a.k.a. the Saint: the dashing, rakish "Robin Hood of Modern Crime", who has delighted his fans for decades in every medium from books and films to radio and television series. As a forum for discussion and creativity, this community is meant not only to unite existing fans, but hopefully to introduce the Saint to new ones as well.

+ Our main focus is on the original books and short stories, but discussion of the film, TV, and radio adaptations of the Saint is also welcome. In short, anything having to do with Simon Templar is fair game.

+ As with any community, members are expected to behave courteously to the admin and to one another. Problem children will receive "de woiks" from Hoppy Uniatz.

+ Creative works, such as fanfiction and icons, are encouraged. Just keep it clean, please! The Saint's creator Leslie Charteris didn't write slash or smut, and I believe that writing his characters into such material would be disrespectful to him.

+ Any further rules will be added as the need becomes apparent. Basically, just play nice and have fun!

If you have any comments or questions, they may be addressed to the community admin and hench-Saint, jordannamorgan. Alternatively, you may post to the admin thread. Affiliate requests can also be posted here.


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