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New TV series in the works [Dec. 11th, 2012|07:13 pm]
Saint Fans


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A new TV series has been mooted for some time, but this time it looks set to go ahead. Set in the modern day (they tried to go for a period piece, but couldn't get a broadcaster interested), it's to star Adam Rayner as Templar, and Eliza Dushku as Patricia. Ian Dickerson, a big Saint fan - who did actually know Leslie Charteris - is serving as creative consultant. Could work. LJ is absolutely refusing to allow me to post a link to the news site that broke the story, so hopefully a second-hand source will suffice (here). Most reports are making it sound like a remake of the old TV series, with no mention at all of the books, but Ian Dickerson has himself denied that it's a remake. I'm not sure what to make of the casting of Simon. Not an actor I've heard of before, and to me he doesn't have that "Saintly" look, but we'll see. I'm very pleased that they're including Patricia this time though! A great character. I can see Eliza Dushku doing a good job.

The books are set to be republished next year as well, so that should be good news, however the TV series turns out! Not including "Meet The Tiger", as that's still forbidden by Charteris's own request.

[User Picture]From: jordannamorgan
2012-12-12 08:04 am (UTC)
All I can say is that personally, I'm against a modern remake of *anything*. I've had far too many fandoms mutilated already. After what I've seen done to them, I can muster absolutely no desire to see this one succeed.

I might mind a bit less if they did present it as a remake of the previous TV series, rather than the original literature itself.
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[User Picture]From: IanDickerson
2012-12-12 12:31 pm (UTC)
Thing is, the first two TV shows presented the Saint as a playboy detective but that sort of thing doesn't work on TV nowadays. However when you look at shows such as Leverage, Burn Notice and White Collar--all of which tread heavily on the literary Saint's territory--then it's not a great leap to see how a modern day Saint might fit in.
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[User Picture]From: swordznsorcery
2012-12-12 07:28 pm (UTC)
"White Collar" is a good example. (I'm not too familiar with those other shows). It has that playful side to it, but can get serious when necessary. I love the vintage feel that it has as well, even though it has a very modern setting. You'd be doing well if you could appeal to the fans of a show like that.

Although please don't follow their lead in going for big cliffhangers that get resolved very easily ten seconds into the next episode. ;)
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[User Picture]From: jordannamorgan
2012-12-13 01:48 am (UTC)
I would suspect that by "updating" the Saint to the modern era, you'll only end up with something that appears to imitate the shows you cited, instead of being seen as the originator of any of their ideas.

For the record, I myself am not a fan of any of those shows--or of any current series at all. I hate modern television, period. I've long valued the fact that The Saint, being still a bit obscure, was one of my few fandoms that had *not* been corrupted by modern mores. A new remake would end that, and that's the biggest reason why it's something I could not look forward to or support.

But of course, I'm in the minority. You'll probably find plenty enough perverts who want to write Simon/Teal slash fanfiction to have a success with it.
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[User Picture]From: stbodie
2013-01-01 06:36 am (UTC)
Great news!
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